Jul 7, 2015

WE WERE AT RUISROCK THIS YEAR as guests on a quest to draw some comic diaries!!!!
Some of it will be in finnish, some in english because? I dont know what happened

 Here are FRIDAs and MUURAs tumblr!

 we went with a boat! nice nice nice

 b eing bright red burnt all over and having a hungover is the only
real way to spend a festival right

 sure everyone can dress up the way they like but
men have been the same since stone age?

people would flush out to the sea, and once a boat accidentally landed on the beach too oops

 HUOOOHHR,,, WHOOH, im gonna draw some more comics soon but nows the time to die THANKs ruisrock it was amazing!
no wait i'll post the last years comics too (and they're so much better, damn!!! this year i had too much to do to draw ANYTHING!);


were so good at dancing


referring to my own, dickless relationship here

YAYAY!y!!!!!!! AAA!!


very talented also again

thats all folks! congrats to yall who read it all haha!

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